82 Years in the Making

by Josh on August 31, 2005 · 0 comments

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We love our house. My wife, our 2-year-old, and I have lived here for nearly a year and we grow more charmed by it every day. In the 82 years since the bungalow was built on farmland on the southern fringe of Minneapolis it has housed a doctor’s family and his practice, served as a parsonage for Norwegian pastors, hosted the King of Norway, and inspired a notable public artist. Frankly, I doubt very much that I’ll achieve nearly as impressive a pedigree by the time I’m 82.

Learning more about the house’s fascinating history is one of my plans for this blog. I also plan to learn how to care for and improve the house following its Arts & Crafts spirit. Along the way, I’ll be learning more about blogging itself. My goal for the blog is to take a humble beginning and build something remarkable, like the house itself. I just hope this project won’t be another 82 years in the making.

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