Learning The Hard Way

by Josh on September 14, 2005 · 0 comments

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Measure twice; cut once. That’s the kind of wisdom that you come up with after measuring once and getting it wrong. So here’s my latest maxim from the Hard Way School of Home Improvement: “Check it all before you call.”

This is my sad, stupid story. My dishwasher was failing to drain the water at the end of the cycle. I checked the machine’s sump area for blockage, found none, drained the standing water by the sponge-full and reset the machine. It successfully completed a test rinse cycle, but failed on the next normal load. I repeated my check for blockage, drained and reset the machine. At this point the user manual recommended calling for service. Since I’m only 9 months into my 3-year warranty, I called the local repair shop. If only I’d checked it all before I called…

It took the appliance repair technician about 5 minutes to determine that a kinked drain hose under the sink was preventing the dishwasher from draining. He suggested I install a hose hanger to keep the drain hose unkinked. Unfortunately, he determined this problem was an installation error (my fault), so the warranty coverage would not apply.

So here’s what a $71 dishwasher repair looks like–$3 of hardware and a $68 consulting fee.
Dishwasher fix

Here’s that $71 repair installed in my sink cabinet. Pretty tricky, eh?

Dishwasher fix installed

So while I spend restless nights staring at the ceiling muttering, “check it all before you call,” you can heed my cautionary tale. Learn from my mistake, Dear Reader! Check it all before you call.

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