Final Fireplace Stripping

by Josh on December 2, 2005 · 0 comments

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Last night I passed a major milestone in the fireplace paint stripping project. I cleaned face of the last brick in my 112 brick hearth. It is looking really good, but I can’t rest yet. I still need to strip the inside edge of the hearth opening.

stripper on hearth opening

I applied the Peel Away paint stripper to the hearth opening late last night. I also put a bit of the stripper on the brass flue knob to clean the paint off that, too. The Peel Away needs to work for 24+ hours, so I won’t be able to remove the used stripper and get working on the bricks until Saturday.

I’m not complaining about having the night off from fireplace work. I’ve been spending an hour or two on this project nearly every night for weeks. Fortunately, my night off from the fireplace coincides with the holiday dinner for my wife’s law firm. I can’t think of a bigger change of pace from paint stripping than getting dressed up in my tux and going out for a big elegant event downtown.

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