Holiday Lights

by Josh on December 15, 2005 · 0 comments

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At holiday time, I’m more of an admirer of lighting displays on houses than a participant. My wife and I have never put lights outside any house we’ve owned, but this year we decided to try something small and tasteful.

holiday lights

We put some spruce tips in our front window box and added a string of simple white lights. No multicolored bulbs, no flashing lights, no inflatable lawn characters, and no glowing plastic candy canes. In other words, it’s a terrible holiday light display.

Despite the laudable efforts of Pottery Barn, Real Simple, and Martha Stewart, the prevailing standard for holiday decorations seems to be “more is more.” Here’s an example of the power of the “holiday” adjective:

  • Sweater: a garment woven of cotton, wool or other fiber, commonly of a single color.
  • Holiday Sweater: a garment woven of cotten, wool or other fiber, commonly colored red, green and any number of other colors in seasonal designs such as snowflakes, santas, and manger scenes; frequently adorned with tinsel, bells or sequins.

So naturally, when it comes to holiday house lights, the ideal is Santa’s workshop on an airport runway in Bethlehem.

For some of the best most holiday lights from around the country, check out Ugly Christmas Lights. Folksy exuberance or tacky light pollution? You be the judge. Either way, as a home improver I have to respect the effort and vision necessary to pull off these displays. If you like houses, it’s the spectacle of the season.

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