Old Plank and Sawhorses

by Josh on January 6, 2006 · 1 comment

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We’ve been trying to save money on food and shorten our prep time at dinner by buying and cooking in bulk and freezing simple meals for later. Just this week we enjoyed a delicious dinner of butternut squash and pear soup made in September with squash from our garden. Yum!

Bulk cooking has worked great for us, but we’re having a hard time finding room for everything in our freezer. Our solution is to buy a supplemental freezer which we will put in the laundry room in the basement. My brother and I will pick up the freezer tomorrow, so tonight I needed to clear the space where the freezer will go.

Currently occupying the freezer space is a large green table for folding laundry. I’ve never really looked at the table until tonight and I was surprised by what I found.

The table top looks like an old plank or wall of some kind. A corner was sawed off to make room for the laundry room door to swing but the underside appears otherwise untouched.

There is some old hardware in this tabletop, so it wasn’t made by a recent previous owner. It is also eight feet long, seemingly ruling out the possibility that it was used some other place in our seven-feet-high basement. I thought it might have been a door of some kind, but I don’t see any evidence of hinges. I’ll have to ask the previous owners if they have any ideas about where this table top came from.

Supporting the table were two wooden sawhorses. These also aren’t a recent creation and the quality of their construction is very good.

The sawhorse legs are perfectly notched to accept the side braces, and the top beam is similarly notched where the legs attach. And they don’t wobble, either.

I just can’t believe the cool stuff left in this house from previous owners. There is also pile of windows and doors in the corner of my workshop I haven’t even touched yet– that should be a revelation when I get around to digging through it.

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Josh January 6, 2006 at 9:44 pm

Hey Josh- I love this blog-thing–thanks for the great supper,it is so fun being able to spend more time with you and the family. This house is full of hidden treasures, I am glad to see you enjoying the process!!-Shanski


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