Playing it Safe

by Josh on January 16, 2006 · 2 comments

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I admit it. Sometimes I have a hard time making decisions. I like to know all my options and then I evaluate and and re-evaluate and look for more options.

speedheaterI put this very technique to work recently regarding the purchase of a Silent Paint Remover (SPR), which I wrote about a couple weeks ago here. It was my intent at that time to look for the best deal on an SPR that I could find and buy it right away.

Through the comments to that earlier post, I learned about some online instructions for making a SPR from a quartz heater and some basic hardware. The homemade option could save me $300 compared to buying the genuine article, so I thought it might be worth investigating.

Over the past couple weeks I poked around local hardware stores looking for suitable heaters and angle aluminum and working up my courage to undertake this project. This culminated on Saturday when I ran into a couple friends at the hardware store. I told them what I was considering and before long I walked out of the shop with a $40 heater, another $40 worth of parts, and some momentary machismo.

My gusto lasted until I got the parts home and in the front door, where I was greeted by Ms. Bungalow. She asked what the heater was for and once I had explained, she told me I wouldn’t get much paint stripped if I electrocuted myself trying to build this thing. “Just buy the real tool like we discussed,” she said.

So I ordered my SPR online and took back my heater and parts, looking sheepish as the kid behind the hardware store counter shook his head and accepted my return. My sense of machismo was wounded, but I learned a valuable lesson: nearly any tool looks cheap compared to a funeral.

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Ryan January 25, 2006 at 11:49 am

May i borrow your SPR. Better yet – May i rent it from you – help cover your costs -ryan


Josh January 25, 2006 at 4:40 pm

Well, well–Ryan is a lurker no longer!

Share my SPR? Anything for my best man, but let me at least break it in first. Will you be picking up the tool in person… or should we make other arrangements?

Shout out to all the homies in GR,


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