Cardboard Wall

by Josh on January 17, 2006 · 1 comment

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“Walls like cardboard” is supposed to be a joke reserved for cheap motels. So what can I say about walls made of actual cardboard in my basement workshop?

cardboard wall

Over the past three days I have been dismantling the worn-out storage cabinets flanking my workshop space. With the cabinets removed, I was able to completely see the wall behind them for the first time.

The wall is made of wide horizontal boards covered on both sides with cardboard held in place with drywall nails. The top portion of the cardboard had been painted gray to match the storage cabinets, but the bottom was standard box brown.

more cardboard behind boardsI pulled down the cardboard on the inside of the wall, but there is another layer of cardboard on the other side of the wooden wall boards. If I want to remove the second sheet of cardboard, I’ll need to first pull out the wooden boards because there is finished sheetrock between me and the other side of the cardboard. Before I can do anything, I’ll need to determine if there is a studwall between the sheetrock and cardboard or if the sheetrock is held in place by the wooden boards themselves.

This is dangerous. I just wanted some better storage in my workshop and now I’m thinking about wall building and basement remodelling. Maybe I should just put the cardboard back, install my new shelves, and forget what I’ve seen until I’m ready to open pandora’s toolbox.

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