Workshop Wall: Rock and Mud

by Josh on January 28, 2006 · 1 comment

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It is Saturday afternoon and the sheetrock for the wall of the basement workshop is hung, taped and wearing the first coat of mud. I thought I might be a little farther along by this point in the weekend, although I am still on schedule to have the wall finished by the end of the day tomorrow.


There have been a couple small bumps along the way to this point but nothing major. Just as I was preparing to screw the last pieces of drywall in place, I noticed that the quarter-sheet scrap I’d bought for this part of the job was 1/2? thick instead of 3/8? like the rest of the wall. One trip across town and $.99 later, I was back in business with a new scrap of 3/8? which I, in fact, measured twice. I also had a little trouble cutting out the hole for the electrical box, requiring a little extra mud to return my amoeba shaped cutout to the box’s rectangular dimensions.

drywall with box

I know enough about drywall to know the quality of the finished product depends most on the mudding and taping. With my embryonic mudding skills I’m guaranteed a lot of sanding… but how better to develop good “touch” with the pole sander? The most important job of the first layer of mud is to get the tape well bedded. I believe I have accomplished that, so for the second and third coats of mud I can turn my attention to aesthetics.

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mahah January 28, 2006 at 8:26 pm

Now I have someone to think of when I’m taping my own drywall in my kitchen!


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