Ms. J Writes Again

by Josh on February 24, 2006 · 1 comment

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For weeks I was consumed with guilt for not writing back to Ms. J (daughter of the original owner of this house) after she so generously mailed me a lovely letter and photos from when her family built and lived in this house.

So about ten days ago I finally got over my procrastination and wrote Ms. J a letter. I told her some recent history of the house and enclosed a few photos of the house and our family. I also asked a few questions that I had forgotten to mention during our initial phone call.


I am delighted to say that Ms. J is a much better correspondent than me. It only took her a few days to write a lovely two-page reply to me. Unfortunately, she was so young when she lived here–and it was so long ago– that she could not remember many of the details I asked about. She still found plenty of interesting things to write about, though.

Most interesting to me were some stories about her childhood activities at Minnehaha Falls, and reunions with friends and family in Minneapolis that have brought her back to the area from time to time. In another bit of personal history, Ms. J rejected my hunch that her father the doctor may have delivered her or the other children in the house. Instead Ms. J was born at the hospital where her father worked– and years later, she delivered her children in the same room in which she was born. Amazing!

About the house itself, Ms. J vaguely recalled a built-in buffet in the dining room that is no longer here. We’ve been puzzled about the lack of a buffet when so many Minneapolis bungalows have them, so we may have to look closer for evidence of this missing built-in.

I’m so grateful Ms. J was willing to talk to me when I called her out of the blue. “There must have been something very sincere about your voice that got my attention,” she wrote. “It is so nice to know that the home which my parents so lovingly built and planned for their family is well-loved and has been so beautifully kept.”

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Jenne February 24, 2006 at 4:23 pm

What a great story! You are so lucky!


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