Stripping Continues

by Josh on March 3, 2006 · 5 comments

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I haven’t been up to much around the house lately, but I have made a little progress on my paint stripping.

Previously I had applied an 80/20 mixture of boiled linseed oil and mineral spirits to the difficult old primer on the bedroom door that did not come up with the Silent Paint Remover. Here’s what the door looked like after one round of the Silent Paint Remover and two coats of the linseed oil/spirits mixture:

door before SPR round 2

Since then, I went back over the door (well, part of it anyway) with the Silent Paint Remover to see if the linseed oil/spirits would help that primer come up. When I put the paint remover tool to work, I saw right away that although the primer didn’t blister like the paint coat had done, it softened and scraped off very well.

door after SPR round 2

The door still is a long way from perfectly paint-free, but I have to say I’m impressed with how well the boiled linseed oil and mineral spirits improved the paint remover’s performance with this old primer.

At this point I am afraid that the wood in the upper level the house may have always been painted. I need to test a window sash to be more confident of this, because I suspect that the door I’ve been working on is newer than the windows. If it turns out that the wood on the upper level was never stained and varnished, I’ll need to decide whether I want to restore the original painted look or continue to pursue a stained finish.

I bought the Silent Paint Remover partly based on its potential to remove paint while retaining the original stain in woodwork. Now that I know stain preservation is not an issue with this door, I can experiment with some other paint removal methods to see how I like them. Don’t worry, there is plenty more paint stripping to come!

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