Trading Bookshelves For Windows

by Josh on March 8, 2006 · 2 comments

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I have remarked previously about how I wish our house had a built-in buffet or china cabinet like so many other bungalows in town. Who knows? At some point it may have had one, and perhaps someday there will be a buffet in this house again.

But what has really built up my angst about built-ins isn’t the buffet I’m missing, but the bookcase I’ve got. It all started when I discovered that the large built-in bookcase in my office is covering two windows that I had not realized were there. (Check out that revelation here.) I love the charm of this built-in furniture, but I just can’t accept keeping these shelves right in front of two more perfectly good windows.

shelves with stuff

Since I discovered those windows last November, the built-in bookcase’s days have been numbered. Over the past few days we have taken the first steps toward revealing our hidden windows. Through a bit of creative storage and a good amount of throwing out or recycling, Ms. Bungalow and I were able to clear all of my office materials out the shelving unit and prepare it for removal.

empty shelves

This will be a delicate procedure because we want to keep the shelves as intact as possible and because I need to have the home office in which the shelves are located remain a productive work place for me. I had hoped to be a little farther along after the weekend, but our entire household came down with influenza on Saturday and we’re just now beginning to recover.

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Jana D. March 8, 2006 at 10:17 pm

You are fearless!! I am amazed at how nothing in your house fazes you. I would be terrified at the thought of what was behind those bookcases and the amount of work created by taking them down. You are Mr. Handyman and next time you’re in Chicago I have some projects I need you to do – I mean help with:)


Josh March 8, 2006 at 11:03 pm

Ahh, Jana, you’re too kind. Before you invite me to help with your home projects you should remember that it is possible to be both fearless and foolish.

Considering the other projects I’m already trying to get through, the timing on this is surely a little foolish. I don’t like having lots of unfinished projects, but I was sick of only working on paint removal.


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