Paying It Forward

by Josh on March 14, 2006 · 0 comments

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I stopped in one of my favorite local hardware stores this afternoon to pick up a few goodies. While I was contemplating paint striping chemicals, I overheard a conversation in the neighboring aisle between a clerk and a customer regarding painted fireplaces.

They were discussing options for how to make an off-white painted fireplace look more like brick. As the clerk and customer lamented how “impossible” it is to strip highly-textured fireplace brick, I couldn’t resist walking around the corner to share my own successful fireplace stripping experience.

After some talk about the virtues and variations of Peel Away, I concluded the conversation by offering the link to this blog to let them see my results for themselves.

Talk about shameless self-promotion!

As I drove home, I felt a bit bad for pimping my blog to total strangers. But as I reflected some more, I realized that I was really motivated by how much I identified with the clerk and the woman she was helping.

A few months ago, I thought my fireplace simply couldn’t be stripped either, and I was afraid to attempt the project. But after reading some other houseblogs and seeing how others had–painstakingly, but successfully–restored their fireplaces, I gained enough knowledge and confidence to try it myself.

So I’m not just a self-pimping blogger; I’m a “paying-it-forward” home restorer (who also happens to be a self-pimping blogger).

If you are one of the lovely people I met today at Nicollet Ace, welcome to Bungalow ‘23 and good luck!

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