Seasonal Sauna Signoff

by Josh on March 20, 2006 · 0 comments

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Last week we got 18 inches of new snow and by the end of this week it should all be gone. Finally another winter’s end is in sight, and with it the end to winter activities.

If you choose to live in a place with as much winter as Minnesota, you’ve got to find ways to enjoy it. I like winter activities like skiing and sledding, though some other hardy souls in town ice skate, ice fish, ice climb, and ice cycle. Whatever you do outside in winter, eventually you want to come inside and get warm. And for getting warm, nothing beats a sauna.

sauna door

We’re lucky that our house has a sauna that the previous owners installed in the old coal room in the basement. I wish I could take credit for this idea, but I’m content to simply enjoy this brilliant little renovation. When I’ve been outside for some winter play or just can’t seem to feel warm inside on a cold January day, the sauna always leaves me feeling better.

sauna interior

A sauna project should be within the skills of nearly any motivated do-it-youselfer, and it can be less expensive to install and maintain than other luxury/spa amenities like hot tubs or steam showers. If you can repurpose an existing space like this coal room, the renovation costs should be even less.

With the official end of winter today, and the effective end just days away, my visits to the sauna will be tapering off. But any Minnesotan knows that winter will be back all too soon; when winter returns, I’ll run back to the warm embrace of the sauna.

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