Springtime Icicles

by Josh on March 26, 2006 · 0 comments

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With the official beginning of spring this week, I am looking forward to sprouting bulbs, budding trees, and greening grass. But before all that, the snow has got to melt. A couple weeks ago we got our biggest snowstorm of the season and by the end of this week the snow should all be gone.

As the snow disappears we’ve been enjoying some of the beautiful icicles formed by it’s retreat. Earlier in the week I snapped some pictures of icicles growing from the melting snow on our juniper bushes. These spring icicles are reminders of winter and a preview of the springtime beauty to come.

converging iccles

icicle following branch

I won’t miss the cold weather these lovely icicles require, but I’ll miss their cool beauty during the brown days ahead between when the snow receeds and the plants re-emerge.

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