So Long, Pond Scum

by Josh on April 16, 2006 · 0 comments

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April showers. May flowers. Spring is supposed to smell fresh like a light rain or bouquet of tulips. But in our yard, the overpowering smell is like cow manure.

Now if we had spent the day spreading actual manure in our garden, that would be fine. Unfortunately, the source of the smell is the little pond by our backyard patio. A combination of decomposing leaves, pine needles, mulch and some hungry bacteria are a recipe for a mighty pungent funk. (Be thankful, dear reader, that we live before the era of scented websites.)

God bless Ms. Bungalow for taking on the pond job. Armed with only a bucket and her bare hands, she bailed out the water and a good 6 inches of muck. Here’s just a glimpse of what she pulled from the deep:

pond scum

We tossed the pond scum in our compost bin and then rinsed out the pond basin with clean water and a little bleach. Now the water is clear all the way to the bottom and the funk is banished. Best of all, when our dog or son decide to take a dip (as they inevitably will) they won’t come out looking like the creature from the black lagoon.

clean pond

We will probably need to clean the pond at least once more before the end of the summer to keep the sludge at bay. I think this has mostly to do with the placement of the pond directly below a tree and at the bottom of a small slope in the back corner of the yard where it receives the runoff of any solid rain.

Someday, we will relocate the pond to higher ground or replace it with a fountain. In the meantime, an hour of disgustingly gross work is a great trade for the hours of enjoyment we receive listening to the bubbles near the patio.

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