Twenty Plants, Ten Dirty Fingernails

by Josh on April 24, 2006 · 1 comment

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In addition to a big house to maintain, we also have a big garden to manage. As with the house, the gardens–though lovely–have numerous areas that need rehabilitation.

One of these areas is right out front, where the previous owners landscaped the hill with shrubs and ground cover. The design was supposed to wash the slope in purple flowers. Currently the landscape falls short of that vision because some plants have died off, others have been choked by mulch that has run downhill, and there simply weren’t enough plants to begin with.

front landscape before

After living with the status quo for a full season, we decided we were ready to make some changes this spring. Ms. Bungalow, particularly, has taken charge of the new planting. For a while we had been paralyzed by the overwhelming options for perennial gardens, but we just decided to buy some plants we like, and put them in bare places, knowing we can always move them later.

plants ready to go in the ground

Ms. Bungalow picked out twenty new perennial flowers and plants for the front hillside. These included garden phlox, veronica, daisies, white cone flower, sedum, and asters. We’ll have to see what it looks like in the blooming season. But the hill is already dramatically improved with a lot more green and less mulch. We would still like to add a few more plants that aren’t at the nursey yet, like baby’s breath and Queen Anne’s Lace.

front hillside garden after

We think the “after” picture above is already much improved over where the garden started today. But the real results will come in a couple months when all the plants have grown in and the flowers are in bloom. Missing from the before and after pictures are Ms. Bungalow’s hands–she did all her work today barehanded. Maybe by the time the flowers are out we’ll have some gardening gloves for her.

another front hillside garden after

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