A Close Call

by Josh on April 27, 2006 · 0 comments

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Apparently the neighbors have noticed our recent landscaping work. We’re thankful some other folks have not.

holes where aspen used to beLet me explain. Last night Ms. Bungalow and FBS were taking a walk around the block while I was at a meeting. Along the way they met a friend/neighbor who asked what we had done with the aspen grove in our backyard. When Ms. Bungalow explained that we were replacing the fast-growing aspen with ornamental-scaled crabapple trees, our friend was visibly relieved. Who knew our trees had such a broad fan base?

Earlier in the day I narrowly avoided a similar and potentially more awkward conversation. I was outside taking pictures of the front garden when the previous owner drove by, saw me and stopped to chat. He and his wife had installed much of the gardens just before they sold the house to us, and he is particularly fond of the aspen grove. Fortunately, he had not seen the missing aspen as he drove by, so we talked mostly about my pruning of the lilac in our front yard and how his new house will be featured on the upcoming Minneapolis-St. Paul Home Tour.

We have become friends with the previous owners, and I’m sure I will break the news of the aspens’ departure to them at some point, but I would like to do that after the lovely crabapples are in place.

Fortunately, this awkward in-between time won’t last much longer. The crabapples will be delivered today and I’m hoping to get them in the ground before the sun sets. We’ll see what the neighbors say then.

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