I Need An Intervention

by Josh on May 5, 2006 · 0 comments

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I made a promise to myself that before I posted another story about landscaping, I would strip some paint or do some plumbing or do something other than buy more plants. I had every intention of delaying my next fix until the big Friends School plant sale mentioned by StuccoHouse. But a couple nights ago Ms. Bungalow and I had dinner on the patio and before I knew it I was putting stakes in the ground where I thought new shrubs ought to go. I just couldn’t help myself.

PICT1369Once the yard was staked, I could hardly leave the task unfinished, right? That night I started plotting my shrub shopping trip. (I’ll be honest, I was a little jealous that Ms. Bungalow got to pick out a couple dozen new plants for the front yard by herself and I wanted to get some of that new-plant action for myself.) The day after the staking, I stopped working a little early and went to the nearest lavendar-colored garden center and came home with three Anthony Waterer Spirea and a couple bags of mulch.

That night I put the spirea in the ground, where they will do a nice job of filling a bare patch in the backyard landscaping. They will add some color to the backyard landscape and they are tough enough to take the rough play of our son and dog. I don’t have any “after” pictures to post because I still need to move a hydrangea bush to a better location in that area. At this rate, the real “after” picture will be of me panhandling to pay for my plant addiction. There were some shrub roses at the garden store that I’d love to plant in the side garden… and maybe another raspberry bush or two…

I think I need an intervention.

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