Pulling Out All The Stops

by Josh on June 18, 2006 · 2 comments

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Okay. So I actually only pulled out the interior stops for one window plus the parting bead, but hey, it’s progress. It felt like ages since I had done any renovation work, though the calendar tells me it was more like two weeks. It has been a crazy June for me and the first half of the month I did nearly nothing on the house. Some of my spare time early in the month was taken up with training for a 115-mile charity bicycling event. I spent the better part of last weekend pulling weeds and cleaning up our extensive gardens, but ran out of time to blog the details.

PICT1515So with the biking and busy days of early June behind me, I was glad to finally get back to my work in this upstairs bedroom. It hasn’t been easy to schedule work time up there because the project room is just across the hall from our son’s room. Afternoon naptime or after our son goes to bed at night would ordinarily be good times to get in an hour or two of project work, but not if my hammering will wake him up.

That’s why I decided to work on the windows. On my half-month hiatus, I realized that I could rehab the window sashes in another part of the house away from the sleeping child. Ditto the paint stripping for the crown moulding and baseboard.

Removing the window sashes was surprisingly easy. After scoring the paint where the interior stops meet the casing, I gently pried out the stops. This freed the lower sash. Apparently there isn’t any way to save the parting bead between the two sashes if you want to remove the upper sash from the inside. I splintered the parting bead and scored the paint all along the edge of the upper sash. After some wiggling, I was able to slide and then remove the previously-painted-shut upper sash.

PICT1519When I pulled down the upper sash, I found that the original sash cords were intact and working well. In fact, the upper sash worked better than the lower sash because the lower only had working sash cord and weight on one side. Before the weekend is over, I plan to get back in the room to pull the sashes from the other window and start working on the moulding. A little quality project time would actually be a nice Fathers’ Day present.

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Twilightmama June 21, 2006 at 7:54 am

Renovating around kids can be a challenge at times, huh?! I’m glad you had a little break from the house…we all need those from time to time:)


Josh June 23, 2006 at 1:54 pm

Right. This wasn’t exactly a planned break, but I’m sure I needed it.


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