A Little Bit of Destruction

by Josh on June 23, 2006 · 2 comments

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This week I got a bit more time to continue the demolition work in the south upstairs bedroom. My overall plan for the room includes:

  • removing the old paneling and drywall
  • installing more and better insulation and vapor barrier
  • replacing the sheetrock
  • restoring the two double-hung windows
  • stripping all the woodwork

I removed the sashes out of the second window along with the interior stops, so they can be moved down to the garage for paint stripping and restoration. The upper sash on one of the windows has a cracked pane, so I’ll need to do some glass replacement. Maybe I’ll get lucky and find some old windows at a garage sale or in a roll-off dumpster around the neighborhood when someone decides to “go vinyl.”

PICT1530I also added to my pile of wood waiting to be stripped by removing some of crown moulding. I feel a little funny calling it crown moulding because it is narrow, plain and not very regal. I wouldn’t say it ranks any higher than “tiara moulding.” Depending on how well I am able to remove it without damage and how well the moulding responds to paint stripping, I may either keep and reinstall it, replace it with something better or forget about crown moulding for this room altogether. This isn’t an original detail, so I wouldn’t feel bad if I chose not to restore this moulding.

PICT1532While prying off the moulding, I noticed that the paneling on the walls was loosening up a bit too. My curiosity about what lay behind the paneling was too great to resist, so I peeled back a couple sheets to reveal some ugly wallpaper and a drywall patch covering some prior access to the crawlspace. Then I had to satisfy still more curiosity by busting out the drywall patch so I could peek into the crawlspace.

My curiosity and primal destructive urges thus temporarily satisfied, I expect Saturday will be the next time I get to work on the room.

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Chris July 8, 2006 at 9:52 pm

I checked out your photos of the rest of the bedroom. I love it. Our bedroom in an Oak Park bungalow has (had) the same earlier wallpaper, though ours is (was) a slightly lighter color. It must have been popular.


Josh July 8, 2006 at 11:30 pm

As popular as the bungalow era is now, wallpapers like these don’t seem to be a big part of the design revival. I won’t be sad when this wallpaper is gone, though it is fun to peel through the layers and see the things people thought made for pretty walls.


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