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by Josh on June 26, 2006 · 2 comments

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There is a nugget of house-related content buried in here, but I really just wanted to celebrate a weekend full of activities but completely free from driving.  One of the benefits of old houses is their location in old neighborhoods that were built around public transportation networks.  After entertaining some friends at our place on Friday night, we decided that Saturday would make a great day to check out the spectacular new central library in downtown Minneapolis.  Our son is really into trains right now, so Ms. Bungalow and I thought we would also make this the first time we took him on the light rail train.

We’re only four or five miles from downtown and the bus connection and train ride were smooth and quick. We had lunch at a Thai restaurant near the mill district then jumped back on the train for a few blocks to save having to drag our toddler all the way to the library on foot.

The new library covered in glass, so our son spotted the children’s area through the windows before we were even inside. We let him play with some other kids while we picked out some books to take home for him, then we set off to explore the rest of the library.

I was most keen to peek into the Hosmer Special Collection on the fourth floor where the Minneapolis archives are located. I found some interesting historical information about our house’s previous owners/occupants in these archives, and I have been waiting since last November for these materials to become available again. Unfortunately the special collection is open by appointment only, so I’ll need to schedule a time to come back to do some more research.

After an hour at the library, we packed up for home. Later that night, we ordered pasta for delivery and played a board game with some friends. Sunday’s beautiful morning weather allowed us to walk to church and back, then I got to work on the bedroom renovation in the afternoon.

I’ve got some interesting things to post about my Sunday house projects which will be up on the blog soon. But it wasn’t until Sunday afternoon that Ms. Bungalow pointed out to me that we hadn’t driven a car all weekend. We’ve always said we should take advantage of transit more, but we usually opt for the thoughtless ease of our car. After such a great weekend using buses, trains and our feet instead, our cars might stay parked more often from now on.

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kk June 26, 2006 at 10:17 pm

We live 2.5 blocks from one of the light rail stations and we actually sold one of our cars when we moved in to this house last summer. We love it…ok, unless we’re trying to drive on Hiawatha, then we hate the train just a little bit.

We also live less than a dozen blocks from the local library, hardware store, grocery, post office, bank and coffee shop. We never walk to these locations, but I am determined to get better about this (afterall, it’s not hard to do better than “never”).


Adrian Tait June 27, 2006 at 5:27 am

When Heidi and I lived in Virginia Beach we were religious about walking on the beach every evening to relax. It became an integral part of our day with time to talk and just be. I have missed that little part of our day. Now that we are moving into a small town with plans to remodel our own bungalow we’re looking forward to walking places again.


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