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by Josh on July 19, 2006 · 2 comments

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I love finding good deals on renovation supplies. It helps soften the blow of those times when I measure once and cut twice. (Why are those mistaken cuts always too short?)

I stopped in to Sherwin Williams today to pick up a bucket of Peel Away 1 paint remover to use on the radiator I pulled out as part of my bedroom project. To my delight the 1.25 gallon buckets were discounted from $36 to $27. At that price they were even cheaper than the base price I’ve seen at online retailers who levy a shipping charge as well.

Peel Away 1 is not suitable for wood you hope to stain and refinish because it chemically darkens wood. But it worked very well on my painted fireplace bricks and I expect it will perform well on the cast iron radiators, too.

Before I can get started on the radiator, I need to pick up a plastic kiddie pool to use as my work area. The pool will protect the floor and contain any chemical slop. I wish I could credit the blog or forum that gave me the pool idea, but I’ve honestly forgotten.

So although I haven’t tested my “Peel Away in a pool” technique for radiator paint stripping, I feel confident enough about it that I picked up a second bucket of Peel Away at that sale price.

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Victoria August 7, 2006 at 11:10 pm

How did the Peel Away work on your radiator? I’m researching options for stripping the paint off some salvaged tin ceiling panels. Read your fireplace refinishing posts – looks like I need to stock up on some wire brushes…


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