Chicken Boing Boing

by Josh on July 27, 2006 · 0 comments

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The father of one of my childhood friends used to make a dinner called “Chicken Boing Boing.” Basically it was chicken plus whatever happened to be in the fridge or on the cupboard. This post is like chicken boing boing, but without the chicken. I’ve got a number of small unrelated updates to record, so I’m just going to lump them all together here.


I snooped around the back yard and found a carpenter ant nest in a lilac log the exterminator assured me could not be an ant nest. I cut the log into several slices so I could shake the ants out of the log onto a paver then smoosh them with the log itself. It was very cathartic, but I’ve still seen a few ants climbing up the wall of the house. Now that I’ve seen what these critters do to the inside of a log, I’m more concerned than ever to keep them out of the house.


I’ve nearly finished pulling down the old sheetrock from the walls in the bedroom. The panelling is all out. I have bagged the debris as I go, but the pile of bags is getting big enough that it may be time to rent a roll-off dumpster soon. I just need to time that for a weekend or two when I have enough free time to finish the demolition before the trash people want their dumpster back.

Garage Drain

One of my first blog posts back in September 2005 mentioned that I wanted to get the drain in my garage snaked the next time I needed a visit from Sewergal. Fortunately, I remembered this when Sewergal cleared out our sewer line last month, so I had her take a look at the garage drain, too. She couldn’t get through the drain with her tools and figures that it was sealed up to keep pollutants like oil out of the sewer. That’s fine with me. Now that I have the drain issue resolved, I can move forward with the epoxy paint job I have planned for the garage floor. I’ll just need to get all the paint stripping gear and bags of demolition debris out before I can proceed. At this point, I don’t expect to have warm weather and a clear garage floor until next spring, so that project will have to stay “on hold.”

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