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Guests to this website occasionally ask me, “How do I … ?” I try to offer suggestions, (couched in a healthy dose of self-deprication) but I’m usually only able to talk about my limited experiences.

Enter! This “how to manual that anyone can write” covers all topics, not just do-it-yourself home projects. Like the familiar Wikipedia, wikiHow expands its content through user submissions and edits. It was just featured as an alsoran in the list of Time magazine’s 50 coolest websites, but I hadn’t heard of wikiHow before.

Here’s a sample of what I found on wikiHow:

Some house-related how-tos:

How to fix nail pops in drywall
How to frame a wall
How to construct a raised planting bed
How to replace damaged roof shingles

Other curious how-tos:

How to properly dunk an Oreo cookie
How to dress up as Ash from Pokemon
How to wiggle your small toe separately from the rest of your toes


Don’t mistake me! I’m not suggesting that I don’t want anyone to ask me how to do things anymore. If I didn’t like sharing my house project expereinces, I wouldn’t have this blog.

But when my experience is lacking– or when I’m just looking for a creative solution to a challenge– I like having tools like wikiHow as resources for my projects. Plus, who knew I wanted to try that pinky-toe-wiggle thing?

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