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by Josh on August 31, 2006 · 2 comments

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144 posts…
33,000 pageviews… and still going! That’s not too bad for one lap around the sun.

One year ago today, I started Bungalow ’23 with the goals of: 1)learning more about restoring a craftsman house, 2) learning more about my house’s history, and 3) learning more about blogging.

Although I’m satisfied that I have made meaningful progress on all of these goals, I am also humbled at how much I have left to learn and do. If you are a regular visitor– particularly one who has been following my blog from its early days– thanks for your interest, inquiries, and advice. I am intensely gratified by your visits and comments.

At important milestones, I like to pause to reflect on highlight moments and opportunities for growth. Highlights are things that stand out as particularly successful or pleasing. Growth opportunities are disappointments that I can learn from. Here’s my Bungalow ’23 first-lap recap:


  • Completing the fireplace paint removal. This was easily my most ambitious and successful project last year, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.
  • Locating the daughter of the house’s original owner and beginning a correspondence with her that yielded some great stories and pictures. This was a very meaningful way to connect to the history of the house.
  • Moving the site to its own domain was a great challenge to me with an equally great reward.

Learning Opportunities:

  • Schedule more regular time for house projects. I’ve had a very light August due to some wonderful vacations, but I’ll be wishing for a week or two of “open window” days come November.
  • Finish clean up of errors from importing content to the new website. This housekeeping issue has dragged on long enough.
  • Continue to develop my own skills and knowledge through reading and classes.

Finally, my blogging got a bit of a setback when I left our digital camera in the rental car at the end of trip to New York last weekend for a wedding. The camera had served me well for three years and contained some irreplacable pictures from our trip, but it’s all gone (and probably on eBay or in a Newark pawn shop as we speak). I had planned a post or two related to the trip, but without a camera, I’ll have to wait.

So, because my blog anniversary also happens to be my birthday, I bought myself a present today: a replacement camera. You can expect an upcoming post or two with some new pictures of the house and gardens as I break it in.

Thanks again for a great first lap at Bungalow ’23! I hope I’ll see you around on lap two.

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Greg August 31, 2006 at 9:06 pm

Happy anniversary and happy birthday!


Aaron September 4, 2006 at 5:01 pm

Thanks for everything you contribute to the houseblog community…I’ve enjoyed your writing and your work since you started writing. Best of luck with year two!


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