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by Josh on September 25, 2006 · 0 comments

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The Twin Cities Arts and Crafts Show and Sale was this past weekend … and what a show it was!

Dozens of dealers of new and antique furniture, pottery, stencils, textiles, books, art, rugs and more filled two buildings at the state fair grounds with their eye-popping wares. Although there were any number of items I would have loved to add to our house, all I took home were business cards.

One of the most tempting (and potentially affordable) items I saw was a cool old map of the entire Twin Cities area streetcar and ferry system from around 1910. It was colorful and large, but it was a bit too old– the streetcar lines hadn’t reached our neighborhood yet.

I took the card for the dealer of the old maps, and I might have her keep an eye out for a 1920’s edition of the streecar map I saw. I expect that is the real value of the business cards from antique shows: asking dealers to scout for you when you know exactly what you want.

Did you find something special at the Twin Cities Arts and Crafts Show and Sale or another show like it? What do you think is the value of antique shows?

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