Fun With Cartography

by Josh on October 27, 2006 · 4 comments

in House History

I found a map of Minneapolis from a 1923 edition of the Gazeteer of Cities and Towns of the World on eBay recently, and I thought it would be interesting to see what our city and neighborhood looked like back when the house was new.

1923 Mpls Map

To my disappointment, it looks like the map information was probably a couple years old in the 1923 edition of the Gazeteer because our neighborhood appears as open, undeveloped space.

Today, of course, a map of the neighborhood is only a Google or Mapquest search away. We even have the option to see a satellite image overlay of the maps Google produces. My only disappointment with these satellite maps is that they don’t have enough resolution to drill down to an individual house.

Fortunately, our own Hennepin County has great aerial photos available through the property search area of the county website. Sure, the photos are a couple years old now, but compared to Google Earth, the resolution is fantastic. In the photo below, our house is the one with the green roof:

House Aerial Photo

The photo is from 2004, so those are the previous owners’ cars alongside the house and there is some landscaping missing from the front yard. Nevertheless, this is an awfully cool feature. I found myself entering the addresses of other friends in town, just to see some more of the Sim City-view of Minneapolis. Check it out for yourself– but don’t look at your friends’ purchase price and property taxes, you curious little monkey!

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