Baby Demands Demolition

by Josh on November 5, 2006 · 0 comments

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I made some great progress in the demolition phase of the nursery project today. I began removing the old sheetrock and cellulose insulation in the sloped portion of the ceiling and pulled out nearly all the old wiring in the room.

One of the outlets in our master bedroom was also a casualty of the electrical demolition in the nursery because it was part of the old original circuit I am upgrading. For a little while I had a small window from the clean orderliness of our bedroom to the mess on the other side of the wall, before I taped over the hole as a temporary patch.

On Sunday, I’m planning to continue my demolition of the sloped ceilings, including the closet. Fortunately the weather is cooperating this weekend, making it pleasant to work. The baby’s arrival gets closer every day and from the way he’s kicking at Ms. Bungalow lately, he clearly demands demolition.

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