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I’ve always appreciated the fact that the previous owners of our house added a master bathroom to the top level of the house. It is a great convenience and would otherwise have been a project for us to do ourselves.

Of course there are a couple things about it that I would have done differently if I had done the job myself:

  • The shower door is a poor design that collects water and grows mildew;
  • The baseboard is wood that overlaps the floor tile, rather than a tub-style tiled base moulding set into the floor;
  • The shower pipes were run directly against the exterior wall studs, making them prone to freezing;
  • and there is very little built-in storage for small items.

But at the top of my list of ideal changes to the master bath would be relocating the lone power outlet. Right now the only outlet in the bathroom is located at the baseboard level near the toilet. Every time Ms. Bungalow wants to use a hairdryer, she has to get down on her hands and knees to plug the thing in due to the awkward outlet placement. As a result, sometimes the hairdryer stays plugged in and lying on the floor for days– an eyesore and electrical hazard.

I found my opportunity to fix the outlet problem when I had to thaw a frozen pipe in the master bathroom recently. As part of that repair, I exposed the utility chase for the bathroom and opened the wall behind the bathroom vanity.

outlet box after Over a couple hours on Saturday I installed a new box and extended the circuit from the original outlet to a second GFCI outlet in the new box. Other than a cordless drill with two dead batteries, I didn’t even have any difficulties. I cut the opening for the box from the backside of the wall using a utility knife and then cleaned up the opening from the finished side. Then I consulted my Black and Decker home wiring reference book to make sure I had the wire run correctly. It was just a nice, easy project that could be started and ended in half an afternoon.

I’m not sure when I’ll ever get to those other master bathroom projects, but at least the hairdryer is off the floor and we can get off our knees to use it.

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