Cedar Closet, Part One

by Josh on April 3, 2007 · 0 comments

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Back several weeks ago, I had to demolish our upstairs linen closet to access a kneewall crawlspace and thaw the frozen water pipes to the shower in our master bathroom.

Since then, I have stolen bits of time here and there to s-l-o-w-l-y put the closet back together. Like most of my projects, this one is suffering from six-million-dollar-man syndrome: why just reassemble the closet when I can make it better, stronger and faster? So what if that means further deferring other projects like the baby’s nursery? After all, the baby is only three months old. There are plenty of other places the he can sleep (our room) that are better than where we had our first child sleep (dining room) while I was finishing a master bedroom and nursery project at our old house.

Well, enough about what I’m not doing.

I decided that when I put the closet back together it would be nice to finish the inside in aromatic cedar. The local lumber yard had just what I needed: boxes of tongue and groove cedar boards for just this purpose, in stock and ready to go. Once at home, my miter saw made quick work of cutting the boards to length and my wimpy electric staple gun/brad nailer had just enough guts to nail the material in place. Over the span of three or four short bursts of work time– sometimes with our three-year-old “assisting” nearby– I finished two of the closet walls and the closet ceiling.

Cedar linen closet

The biggest problem with the closet as it used to be was that there was no way to access the kneewall crawlspace without tearing out one of the closet walls. Now I have cut a plywood panel to be a solid removable panel that I can screw in place and unscrew as needed for crawlspace access. That panel isn’t up yet because I still have just a bit more cedar to install, and that unfortunately requires a trip back to the lumber yard for more material. Once the cedar is done, I’ll be ready to put in the shelves and finally cross something off my list of open projects.

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