Tidying Up The Nursery

by Josh on April 27, 2007 · 0 comments

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Forget about being a weekend warrior. If you really want to make progress on home improvement projects, try becoming a weekday warrior. So many times, my weekends fill up with family activities and ordinary household chores, resulting in only a few hours (or less) spent on my renovation projects. Finding a spare hour on just a couple weekday evenings can be a big boost to the bottom line progress and helps keep my mind involved in the work despite sporatic activity.

My weekday warrior badge has gotten a bit tarnished lately. Blame the kids and the Battlestar Gallactica DVDs Netflix keeps sending me, but I’ve been distracted. So it felt awfully good when Ms. Bungalow suggested that she would watch the kids solo for an hour after dinner last night so I could do some work in the nursery.

It ended up being closer to 45 minutes of real work time, but it was enough to get something accomplished. The workspace in the nursery was a real mess from some long ago demolition sessions, but my work time allowed me to get the floor cleared, topping off a bag for today’s trash. Here’s how the room looked before:

nursery mess

And this is the same view when I wrapped up for the night:

Nursery floor mid demo

Sure, the time went by too fast and I didn’t get accomplish everything that I hoped, but it would be hard to argue I didn’t get anything done. Afterwards, there was still time for me to put the baby to sleep and relax on the sofa with a glass of wine before bed. Now that I did some work in the nursery, I will feel less guilty about choosing to spend my weekend project time working outside in the garden. It’s supposed to be sunny and nearly 80 degrees all weekend– perfect weather for whipping the garden into shape.

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