Snails and Schedules

by Josh on June 7, 2007 · 0 comments

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My snail’s pace nursery renovation continued tonight. Yes, I’ve been picking at this room for a year now … and yes, I’m still in the demolition phase. In fact, if snails read blogs they would probably be offended at the comparison. Point of fact, my true pace of this renovation is somewhere between snails and continental drift.

But this post isn’t about my pace of progress to date, it’s about my new schedule for working on projects. Ms. Bungalow and I had a talk recently about how I will never get the nursery (or any other project) finished without some dedicated time blocked on the family calendar. We agreed to a weekly schedule where I get at least Thursday evenings and one weekend half-day to work on house projects while she has some one-on-two time with the kids. As a part-time stay-at-home dad, I really appreciate this opportunity to work on the dirty or dangerous jobs I simply cannot do with the kids. Gardening with kids: great! Paint-stripping with kids: child endangerment!

So what did I accomplish with my project time tonight? I filled a couple contractor bags by tearing down some of the last old drywall left in the room. When I ran out of dropcloth, I switched to pulling out the old tarpaper and vermiculite insulation in the sloped ceiling. So far all the roof decking I’ve uncovered looks solid and free of water damage or mold.

At the end of the night, I realized that I need a better system for getting my debris bags out of the upper level room. Previously I’ve just lugged the bags down the stairs and through the house to the curb. But the bags are dirty and dusty and no matter how careful I am, it’s certain some demolition dust is getting spread around. With some rope and something to protect the window sill, I could lower the bags out the nursery window. I’ll have to noodle on the details of that one.

The good thing is that with this new schedule, I’ll have an opportunity to try dropping those trash bags out the window very soon. If I keep up this pace, I’ll have those snails eating my dust. Watch out sloths, I’m comin’ for you next!

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