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by Josh on June 8, 2007 · 0 comments

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Nearly every old house has a door or two that hangs a bit crooked. I had two on the upper level that were rubbing on the floor and starting to cause some damage.

This is the kind of nagging thing that is small and easy to put off. In fact, that is just what I had done for two and a half years, until I saw a new product featured in the May 2007 issue of Fine Homebuilding.

P1020937.JPG The product in question is called a Quick Align Hinge Shim by EZ-Shim. The shims are sized perfectly for door hinges and have cut outs for the hinge screws, including a slot for the center screw that allows the hinge to remain attached to the casing as you place the shims.

The manufacturer indicated on its website that the hinge shims are supposed to be available through my local Ace hardware stores so I started calling around. After a few dead ends, the folks at Diamond Lake Ace offered to special order it for me. When I collected the shims a few days later, the manager there said he was glad I made him aware of the product and he thought he would start stocking them in the store. (Call ahead to check for certain, local readers.)

Once at home, the shims proved as easy to install as advertised and my doors no longer rub on the hardwood floors. Shimming wouldn’t fix every mis-aligned door, but where it is an appropriate fix, this seems to be a particularly elegant solution.

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