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My parents just left town for a week in Florida and they asked me to watch their truck for them while they are away. (I’m taking care of their dog, too.)

They just sprung this trucksitting opportunity on my yesterday and although I haven’t had much time to think about it, I’m going to pack as much messy open-air cargo-hauling into the next week as I can. Our own vehicles are a small wagon and a small sedan. None of our friends have pickups, either, and my parents’ truck is normally 90 minutes away.

Now I can finally get the bags of debris from the nursery project out of my garage and make a couple mulch runs to one of Minneapolis’ free mulch piles. There’s got to be more that I can do with the truck than that, so I’ll see what time and my creativity allow.

I suppose I’ll mix in a visit to the dog park, too.

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Great idea! Before Anna and I got married I had purchased a 1974 chevy truck from my brother… mainly out of sentimental reasons since it was the truck we hauled our camper on for a round the country trek in 1981. My dad held on to the truck for so long, then sold it to my brother who drove it really only to work and back. He got tired of the rest of us always asking to borrow it! So, I bought it off of him when he wanted to sell. I only had it 2 years and then I sold it. Owning a home now I REALLY wish I had our old truck back! So many times now I I could be using it to haul things… hmmm, might just have to hop onto ebay motors right now 🙂


Josh July 3, 2007 at 5:12 pm

With 2 kids in carseats, it will be a while until I could even consider owning a truck. Really I don’t need one all that often. When borrowing my parents’ pickup isn’t practical, I can always rent the truck at the big orange box.


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