Father And Son Day

by Josh on September 8, 2007 · 0 comments

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Demo Done Doorway I’m sure he would have preferred a father and son day of fishing. Instead my dad joined me for a day of demolition work in an uninsulated attic on a hot summer day. What a guy!

Before this he let me borrow his truck again, which is a hugely helpful resource to have on hand. Then he surprised me with this spontaneous offer to help with the demolition in the nursery/bedroom for our youngest son.

After a few hours of dirty, sweaty work in the stuffy attic, we had completed the last of the major demolition! (Finally!) The photo shows what the room currently looks like. On the left is a pile of beadboard pulled out of the closet and on the right is the edge of the kiddie pool holding the half-stripped radiator. The silver in the far knee wall is modern insulation that was added when some work was done in the master bedroom sometime around 1993 by my guess.

There are some odds and ends to clean up and some debris to take to the dump, but otherwise I’m ready to reverse the project equation from subtraction to addition. Look out wires and insulation: I’m coming for you.

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