Wires Through The Walls

by Josh on November 20, 2007 · 0 comments

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With the help of a new tool, I made some progress this last weekend on my nursery renovation project. The tool? A fish tape that allowed me to run new romex from the fuse panel in the basement up to the utility run on the upper level. Then I went fishing again to be able to pull wire up from that utility run through the sloped ceiling into the space above the master bedroom and across to ceiling joists to the nursery.

At one point, Ms. Bungalow poked her head into the nursery to find only my legs from mid-calf down protruding from the 24″ peaked crawlspace above the ceiling joists. She offered to help get me down and instead I had her go back into the hallway to listen for an obstruction that was frustrating my fish tape.

I finally got the tape through, but I ran out of time to pull the wires in this second step. The fish tape is in place just waiting for me to attach a wire and start pulling.

This new wire will allow me to have the nursery on its own circuit. Most of the lighting and receptacles in the house are on just two 15 amp circuits, so distributing the load to additional circuits is a high priority for me. The existing wiring is particularly problematic in the summer when the window air conditioners are running.

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