Nursery Closet Framing Finished

by Josh on March 17, 2008 · 0 comments

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Closet outside wall Over the weekend I finished framing the closet for the nursery. The outside wall needed to be built out with 2X2s to provide a nailing surface for drywall over the inside of the chimney. This will also give me a bit of space for some insulation around the chimney, too. There were a couple chinks of light that I could see alongside the chimney brick, so the expanding foam insulation I’m planning to use should help seal that up on the inside.

Next, I have to pull out the last bit of old greenfield conduit in the room and correct some framing in the adjacent master bedroom closet. I’m also getting bids on the insulation and exploring the costs and issues of high velocity mini duct air conditioning. If I get the air conditioning, the equipment would need to go in one of the crawlspaces, most likely either over the sunroom or over the kitchen.

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