Cracked Drain Pipe

by Josh on April 2, 2008 · 6 comments

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Leaky Drain Pipe All I wanted was some clean sheets. It’s a simple task, right? Wash. Dry. Fold. Done.


But in an old house, simple tasks can get complicated. Here’s how: I put the sheets into the washer and finished off a bottle of detergent as I started the load. Then I turned to the utility sink and began to rinse out the detergent bottle for recycling. Almost immediately I heard a splashing sound and saw a puddle forming on the floor around the drain stack.

I immediately turned off the faucet, cancelled the wash cycle, and watched as the remaining sink water drained onto the floor. (Fortunately there is a floor drain just a few feet from the leaking pipe, so the water has an easy exit from the house.) The leaking drain pipe is a secondary pipe to the main stack, serving only the basement bathroom sink, laundry sink, and the washing machine. I think this must be a new problem, because I’m sure I would have noticed a puddle on the floor while doing laundry on earlier occasions.

After closer examination, I found the exact source of the problem: a cracked and rusted drain pipe fitting.

Leaky Drain Pipe Detail

The best solution to this would be to cut out the cracked section of pipe and splice in a replacement. But because the crack occurs at the tee with the drain from the utility sink, it would make a lot of sense to replace the entire concrete utility sink and its drain. I’m not inclined to take on that project right now, however, so my plan will be to try to patch the crack with plumber’s epoxy as a temporary fix until I am ready for the more extensive (and expensive) sink replacement.

I’ll have to take care of this right away– I have soggy sheets awaiting the spin cycle.

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