Patched Drain Pipe

by Josh on April 3, 2008 · 7 comments

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First thing this morning I picked up some plumber’s epoxy putty at the hardware store to repair the cracked drain pipe I discovered yesterday. This was my first experience with epoxy putty and I found out it is pretty amazing stuff.

Straight out of the package, the epoxy looks like an oversized grey tootsie roll with one part of the epoxy at the center and the second part wrapped around it. To activate the epoxy, you just knead these two parts together until the putty’s color is uniform, then position it before it hardens. For the cracked pipe, I rolled the epoxy into a short rope and pressed it around and over the crack in the drain pipe. Check it out:

Patched Drain Pipe

After an hour or so of curing time I tested out the patch by sending some water down the drain. No leaks. Hooray! This stuff rocks. Best of all, the plumber’s epoxy only cost about $5, so the repair was both easy and cheap. I have enough epoxy left over to avert another small plumbing disaster in the future, and I can use it as a general filler/bonder for other purposes, too.

Now to finish my laundry!

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