Building The Trellis

by Josh on September 3, 2008 · 2 comments

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Although you’d never know it by my blog output, I have gotten a few things done around here this summer.  Still, my output has been far less than I had hoped, and that is putting some pressure on me to make the most of the remaining mild days this year.

More on that later.  For now, here is the next step in the project that started with me tearing out an old section of chain link fence near the back entry to the house and continued with an experiment in tuckpointing with homemade lime mortar.  (The mortar appears to be functioning well, but the color– set using leftover mortar colorant found in the house–is way too pink.  I’m glad it is in a obsolete area or I would have made myself redo it with a better color match.)

The goal of this project was to remove the overgrown and aggressive grapevine from this location and construct a new trellis to support a more attractive and well-mannered climber like clematis.  Here’s how things looked with this trellis just getting underway:

Trellis under construction 

Although I built this trellis as I went along, I took care to make careful measurements and calculate spacing distance for the lattice that would perfectly fit the irregular dimensions of this area.  Once the math was done, construction was a breeze.  Here’s how the trellis turned out when completed:

Trellis finished 

As you can see, I used layers of wood of different thicknesses and widths to give the trellis a sense of depth and to screen the unused old brick staircase behind.  For accuracy and speed during construction I used a spacer block to measure the distance between boards in the lattice.  Also, with boards as small as the 1x2s I used for the lattice, it was critical to drill pilot holes for any screws placed less than six inches from the end of a board.  All hardware was coated or stainless to prevent rust and promote long life for the trellis.

With the trellis constructed, I have begun adding soil and compost to build up the ground to the right level and enrich it for receiving new plants.  Unfortunately, the clematis I foolishly bought at the beginning of the summer didn’t last long enough it its garden store pot to get planted in the spot I intended for it.

Stay tuned for more on the garden and the conclusion of the trellis project.  Spoiler alert: the clematis has company in plant heaven.

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Jennifer September 4, 2008 at 11:00 am

NIce looking trellis!


Sandy September 5, 2008 at 5:46 pm

Great job!


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