The Mouse and The Dinner Party

by Josh on December 4, 2008 · 1 comment

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Travel two days back in time with me.  I was cleaning in the kitchen and I noticed that a small section of baseboard trim at the edge of the cabinets was loose– just held in place with friction against the underside of the cabinet toe kick.  I removed the baseboard and discovered a piece of tin, which was nailed against the underside of the cabinet between the face frame and the toe kick, was now hanging down.  I tried to put the baseboard back and secure the tin but found that a small pile of mouse droppings had fallen out of the opening created by the loose tin.

I haven’t seen any evidence of mice in the house since I sealed up the areas above the stove and around the dishwasher a few years ago, so I assumed that these droppings were just unfound traces from that earlier rodent episode.

Jumping ahead to last night, we were entertaining friends and enjoying dinner around the kitchen table.  Between bites of my overcooked mahi mahi, my friend Maria glances across the kitchen and says, “Looks like we have a visitor.”  We all turn to see a tiny mouse scamper in front of the stove, stop to watch us for a moment, then run under the refrigerator.  

Grossed out and mortified, we spend the next 15 minutes discussing the relative merits of glue and spring traps, rats as pets, and my exploits as an amateur pigeon exterminator.  Do we know how to entertain or what?

Today’s agenda: 

  1. Remove that piece of tin under the cabinet and fill the void with steel wool and expanding foam.
  2. Set mouse traps.
  3. Laugh it off in thank you notes to my dinner guests.

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stuccohouse December 4, 2008 at 2:56 pm

This one made me chuckle.


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