Cool Tool: The Snow Plow Shovel

by Josh on December 30, 2008 · 12 comments

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My parents and I agreed that we would cut back on Christmas gifts this year, but that didn’t stop “Santa” from delivering an awesome new Snowplow shovel to my front porch the week of Christmas.

New Shovel

Readers in warmer locations might not appreciate the value of a great snow shovel, but for my corner lot in Minneapolis it is essential equipment several months of the year.  

A good shovel must be sturdy, light in weight, and capable of cleaning down to the concrete.  The Snowplow meets these criteria better than anything I’ve used before.

What set the Snowplow apart are its beefy blade brace and ultra-high-molecular-weight (UHMW) polyethelene blade.  The blade is thick, and–bolted to the brace– it is incredibly stiff.  This stiffness helps the Snowplow break up compacted snow and clear down to the concrete.  The UHWE plastic is also inherently slippery and I haven’t seen a single flake stick to the blade.

The chief downside I can find to the Snowplow shovel is limited availability.  Right now the only retail locations carrying the shovel are in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Local readers can find the Snowplow in many neighborhood hardware stores.  Otherwise, you can order it from the company website.

Check it out– this is one excellent tool.

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