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Welcome to the second site on the Twin Cities Houseblog Tour!

Welcome Front Door

With the cancellation of the Twin Cities Bungalow Club Home Tour for 2009, local blog friend, StuccoHouse, suggested that we Minneapolis and St. Paul housebloggers offer an online alternative.

Almost by definition, a tour of houseblogs is a tour of works-in-progress –not the fully-finished gorgeousness that is the standard for the Bungalow Club Tour.  That caveat out of the way, I get loads of great ideas and inspiration from other housebloggers, and if you are reading this, you probably do, too.  

While you are here, you might enjoy looking at my photo collections, perusing the 4-year, 300+ post archive, or just reviewing some recent entries.  

When you are ready to move on, head over to the next site on the tour: 1928 Northrop Bungalow.  These nearby neighbors are working on a beautiful and stylistically-sensitive dormer addition that you really should see.

And if this is your first stop on the Twin Cities Houseblog Tour, don’t forget to go back to the kickoff site for the tour: StuccoHouse.

BONUS TOUR SITE: Our Tiny Oak Park Bungalow
Chicago bungalows have a style all their own, and Chris at Our Tiny Oak Park Bungalow puts lots of great house and garden details on display through a wide variety of posts from the heart of Chicagoland.

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