Electricians’ Eve

by Josh on July 8, 2009 · 0 comments

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Twas the night before the electricians

and through part of the house

I was marking outlet locations

with help from my spouse…

Since my last post, I received bids from four electrical contractors and selected one to work with me on the bedroom project upstairs.  Tomorrow the wires start running.

If the electrical job simply involved wiring outlets and a light in the bedroom, I would have done the work myself.  However, I am also taking the opportunity to make some house-wide upgrades to the electrical system that are better left to the professionals.

The most significant of these upgrades is the replacement of my old 16-slot fuse box with a new 30-slot box of circuit breakers.  Currently most of the lighting and receptacles in the house are on just two 15-amp circuits.  With the bigger box, I can begin separating circuits for safety, convenience, and code-compliance.

Although I only need one new circuit upstairs for the bedroom remodel, the electricians will be bringing up a total of four new circuits.  One of these will be allocated to the existing outlets in the master bathroom and the other two will be for future rewiring when I get around to redoing the other half of the attic level.

While the electricians are here, they will also be wiring interconnecting smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on all three levels of the house.  This safety upgrade will provide some inexpensive peace of mind because now when a problem is detected in the basement, the detectors in the bedrooms two floors up will sound immediately.

Photos and an update (and a visit from the inspector!) will follow shortly when the rough-in is done and the new circuit box is in.  Stay tuned!

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