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by Josh on December 28, 2009 · 0 comments

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As a follow-up to my post about buying an air purifier to use in the house and my project space, here is a used filter comparison to show how well it is working.

Air Filter Comparison

Obviously the filter on the right is new.  The filter on the left has been in continuous use for about a month, most of that time isolated inside my bedroom project space. I am especially impressed that the filter unit was powerful enough to collect the large particles you can see at the top of the dirty filter. (This was actually the bottom edge when installed in the purifier.) Of course, I know that the filter membrane is also capturing lots of small particles far too small for me to see–and that is even more important.

Seeing this filter comparison, I’m breathing easier knowing the junk on the left is in the filter and not in my family’s lungs.  I’m also convinced that at least one air purifier should be essential equipment in homes without forced air heating and cooling.

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