A Fine 2009

by Josh on January 7, 2010 · 0 comments

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We may be far enough into 2010 for some people to have made and broken new resolutions, but I’m not yet through reflecting on 2009 and planning for the year ahead. Sure, I could beat myself up about the backlog of unfinished projects I’m carrying forward into the new year– the bedroom project chief among them– but this is a time for optimism.  And I think it’s fair to say that 2009 was a great year here at Bungalow ’23.

In case you missed them, here are some of my highlights from the past year:

  • I found an amazing salvage deal on a kitchen swinging door and hardware that perfectly matches the other doors on the main level.
  • My how-to on replacing the cartridge in my Moen shower faucet has become the most visited and commented post on the site by far, and currently appears on the first page of google results for some related searches.
  • I built a pair of custom-designed adirondack chairs for the front yard, completing a project I’ve had in mind since we bought the house.
  • Craigslist came through with a great deal on an antique buffet for the dining room that adds a lot of Arts & Crafts character to a room that desperately needed it.
  • I liveblogged the installation of spray foam insulation in the bedroom project area and adjacent attic crawlspaces.  This was a major milestone in a long-delayed project.
  • Finally, I was selected to write for True Value Hardware‘s DIY Blog Squad. This provided me with $1,000 that I put to use on a variety of house projects and gave this site some amazing exposure. Thanks, True Value!

Speaking of True Value, I discovered that their website has some great content– especially the project library with do-it-yourself tips and projects on a tremendous variety of topics.  It’s a useful reference resource that is worth bookmarking.

And if you haven’t visited the other DIY Blog Squad members, here is one last shout out to those excellent sites:

As for 2010, I have high hopes it will be an even better year than the one just past.  Completing the bedroom project is a certainty, and painting the exterior, a necessity.  Once our living arrangements have been reshuffled into the renovated bedroom, I will choose a new interior room to work on, too.  At this point, I suspect that project room would be the office, which still needs some help from when I uncovered two hidden windows there nearly four years ago.  I also recently bought an old sewing machine (post coming soon) with the intention of sewing curtains.  I’d be disappointed if I finished 2010 without any completed sewing projects.

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