Bedroom Drywall Progress

by Josh on March 24, 2010 · 5 comments

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There’s nothing terribly complicated about hanging and finishing drywall.  It can be a popular do-it-yourself project for that very reason, and I’ve even done a bit of it myself.

Getting quality drywall results, however, takes smart layout decisions and a skilled hand– and I have accepted that it will take a lot more practice before that is me. Besides, a few rooms in the house already suffer from the obvious seams and uneven finish that are tell-tale signs of the DIY drywall efforts of previous owners. For my bedroom project I want a better outcome.

I hired a drywall contractor for this job and their team has been hard at work.  It took a crew of two nearly a full day to hang the sheetrock in my project spaces.  Those spaces include a 12′ x 12′ bedroom and 4′ x 6′ closet for my younger son, and the 15.5′ x 6′ master closet.  All the spaces include kneewalls, awkward angles, and in the closets some tight corners.  I’m sure it would have taken multiple weekends for me and a helper to do this.  The photo below shows the bedroom with the sheetrock in place– note therefinished radiator encased in plastic wrap for dust protection and strapped to a hand truck so it can be kept out of the way.

Bedroom drywall hung

A couple days later, the drywall company’s taping and finishing specialists now had the corners, seams and screw heads all with at least a first coat of joint compound and only the off-90-degree angles yet to begin.  The next photo shows the finishing in progress as well and those tricky angles unfinished in the upper right.

Bedroom mostly mudded & taped

Out of curiosity, I asked the worker how long he had been finishing sheetrock.  “Forty years,” he told me.  In fact, he said his father had been in the building trades, too, and taught him to install drywall as a youth.  That’s a level of experience no amount of DIY tinkering around my house will give me.  Considering the quality of the installation so far and the huge time savings to me, I feel very good about outsourcing the drywall portion of my project.

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