October 2010

Roll Your Own Bundle

by Josh on October 27, 2010 · 10 comments

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If you’ve ever dreamed of ditching your cable, dish, or phone company, the latest episode of The Handyguys Podcast offers a great primer on how to save money and keep great service by cutting the cable. Like my fellow DIY Blog Squad-ers, the Handyguys, I’ve also found that my best value in home media and […]


True Value Update

by Josh on October 26, 2010 · 0 comments

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I’m having an awesome time on the 2010 DIY Blog Squad for True Value Hardware.  With True Value’s help, I’ve fixed up a couple furniture pieces here at the bungalow, and soon I’ll share my first attempt making at an Arts and Crafts-style tile frame, with more projects on the way. Meanwhile, all this week […]


For many bungalow lovers, a dream home might be one of the charming and nicely-detailed kit houses that were available from the Sears catalog throughout the bungalow era.  And if you asked these same people to name their favorite architect, I bet many would say Frank Lloyd Wright— a man who surely abhorred the idea […]


Like a kind of housewarming present, the previous owners left us a few pieces of furniture when we moved in six years ago.  The most notable of these is a custom entertainment center bookshelf that the previous owner built himself.  It isn’t the prettiest thing in the house but it is very functional and I […]