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Merry Christmas!

As a way to share a bit of the season with you, I thought it might be fun to give you a little holiday tour featuring some of my favorite ornaments from our Christmas tree.

The Glitter Ball

glitter ball ornament

This humble ornament is one of a few that Ms. Bungalow and I decorated together for the tiny Christmas Tree in her apartment before we were married. I guess for a couple of poor students, glitter + Elmer’s glue + the cheapest glass balls at Target = a hot date. It’s nice to have a reminder of the simpler times before I found international fame and fortune as a home improvement blogger.

The Pewter Heart

pewter heart ornament

For several years I bought Ms. Bungalow pewer ornaments like this heart at the nearby Scandinavian gift shop. Partly a nod to our shared Nordic heritage, these ornaments were also my attempt to add some objectively beautiful things to the tree to balance all the tacky trifles we can’t bear to leave in the ornament box. I’m particularly fond of this heart because the lily of the valley motif has such a strong Arts & Crafts feel to it– it’s probably our most “bungalowy” ornament.

*Bonus Ornament* The puppy ornament in the background dates from 1997, the year I graduated college and got my first dog, a rescued beagle mix named Watson. Putting him to sleep at the beginning of this year was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

The Vintage Ball

vintage ball ornament

This vintage glass ball is my choice for the coolest ornament on our tree. It comes from my paternal grandparents’ house and makes me think of many happy childhood Christmas memories: laughter of uncles, aunts and cousins; swedish meatball-eating contests with my brother; and handmade gifts from Grandpa’s woodshop. We lost Grandma to dementia years ago but she left us at last in August to join my Grandpa, who loved Christmas and died on a Christmas Day.

The Crocheted Butterfly

crochet butterfly ornament

This is the last sad one, I promise. My cousin made a butterfly ornament for everyone in the family the Christmas after her mom, my aunt and godmother, died of breast cancer. My aunt hosted our big family Christmases for many years and I call on her spirit of hospitality whenever we display this ornament.

Kid-Made Ornaments

kid made ornaments

Ms. Bungalow and I give our boys an ornament engraved with their name every year, but my favorite kid ornaments are the ones they have made themselves. When the kids grow up and move out, they can take the personalized snowflakes and silver stars we’ve given them, but the goofy green-grinned gingerbread man and his yellow Christmas tree are staying with me.

The Photo Frame

photo frame ornament

My maternal grandma made this photo frame ornament and it hung on her Christmas tree for years as a testimony to a grandparent’s unconditional love. It must only work on grandparents, though, because my wife and kids giggle ridiculously through their annual visit from grade school me in my ’80’s short-shorts.

Thanks for joining my little ornament tour. May your heart and stocking both be full this Christmas and may you know peace, joy, health and hope in the new year.

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