My Pet Clock

by Josh on April 27, 2012 · 7 comments

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Before I go on and on about the antique clock I bought recently, I’m going point out the elephant in my living room: an antique mechanical wall clock is truly, hopelessly obsolete.

  • It requires regular winding and care.
  • It keeps woefully inaccurate time compared to even the cheapest modern quartz watch.
  • It is only usable in one place.
  • It doesn’t correct itself or update for daylight savings time.

In short, the cellphone that is already in your pocket or purse is a superior timepiece to any antique clock like mine.

antique clock in living room

At this point, you’re probably asking, “Josh, if this antique clock is so lousy, why own it at all?” Well, consider this: although it may not be great as a timepiece, an antique clock makes a fantastic pet.

  • It is well-behaved and makes a good impression on houseguests.
  • It doesn’t shed or aggravate allergies.
  • It makes a variety of endearing sounds.
  • It requires feeding only once per week and leaves no messes to clean up.
  • It it a better timekeeper than any other pet.

See– mediocre timepiece, brilliant pet.

clock winding key

Of course, this mission style clock is also a great vintage accessory for the living room where it fits in perfectly between the piano and the archway trim. It winds with a brass key that is really a kick to use, and now that I have fine-tuned the pendulum weight I only have to correct it by a few minutes each week.

But chiefly, the charm of the clock is its sound. That’s a hard thing to convey with words and pictures only, so I recorded a video clip talking about the clock and sharing all its ticks, tocks, dings and bongs in case you, too, might be thinking of bringing a pet mechanical clock into your home.

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